Why Is It Important To Teach a Baby Sign Language?

To teach an infant sign language assists in the progress of communication between the infant and the parent/care-giver.

Your baby’s psychological and emotional well being will benefit and mature with the ability to communicate in this manner.  Your infant will not get as frustrated trying to communicate their emotions with the ability to communicate with sign language.  Signing babies can talk back.  Just like you need words to communicate your emotions and needs/wants, so does your infant.  Using sign language as an infant’s first means of communication, a child will improve their confidence.  This confidence is important in the child’s development of psychological, emotional and educational growth.

Additional baby signing benefits:

  • Promotes the development of language skills
  • Reinforces language skills your child has already developed
  • Increases the speed of spatial reasoning development
  • Creates a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment
  • May increase his/her IQ
  • Teaches a second language that is formally and nationally recognized (ASL)
  • Reduces unexplainable emotional outbursts
  • Increases early literacy skills in your child
  • Teaches a baby how to start (and participate in) a conversation

It’s best to begin teaching your baby sign language when he/she can wave bye-bye or hi.  Begin with one sign and use each opportunity to teach it.  You may feel like you are getting nowhere because your baby isn’t responding as quickly as you’d like.  Your baby is processing everything you do and it will come to them in their time.  Just be patient and keep with the same sign until it’s mastered.  For signing guidance, there are many wonderful web sites available on the Internet such as: www.lifeprint.com.  Once your baby gets his/her first sign, you will simply be amazed and excited as it’s another awesome way to communicate with your precious child and they will feel even more connected with speaking loved ones.

To sum it up, babies who sign, will speak earlier than non-signers, experience less frustration, develop larger vocabularies, become better readers, and have higher IQ’s than children the same age.

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