Give your child the very best.

Grow and explore at their own pace.

Rosewood Academy is thinking of the Omaha, NE community and the effects of COVID-19. We hope to aid the community as much as possible to help the public band together to get through this time.


Open Philosophy

Rosewood Academy Childcare & Preschool strives to be a nurturing community that surrounds your child with love. We are dedicated to treating each child as an individual, with their own needs, so that they mature into an independent and secure adolescent and adult. The children are not confined to a classroom all day, but are encouraged with interactive, hands-on activities to develop not only their minds but their bodies, too.

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Tailored Curriculum

The staff at Rosewood Academy Childcare & Preschool has only your children´s best interests at heart. Each classroom has appropriate teacher-child ratios as outlined by the state of Nebraska, so that our teachers continually interact with their students throughout the day. Each staff member has met education qualifications, and has undergone a thorough criminal background check.

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Superb Facilities

Our active daycare and preschool curriculum promotes family involvement to develop healthy, happy kids at home and in the classroom. Each classroom teacher presents the curriculum with age-appropriate activities that encourages mental and physical development. Self-help skills are encouraged as the children participate in their preschool environment. We encourage physical activity whenever possible, and even have an indoor play area for days with inclement weather. Our daycare facility’s discipline structure is that of positive reinforcement and redirection. Our facility’s staff practices non-violent resolution with each and every child.

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12 Questions Parents Must Ask Before Choosing Childcare & Preschool

This report will help you to ask questions in order to choose the right childcare for your child.

Caitlin H.

“Listening to my 17 month old count to ten in English and Spanish is quite amazing and I know it is thanks to you guys! We are so happy we made the switch over to Rosewood.”

Nicole H.

“I just wanted to thank you and just tell you how amazed I am at the quality of your academies and the integrity of your staff. Listening to my 17 month old count to ten in English and Spanish is quite amazing and I know it is thanks to you guys!”

Paul and Johanna S.

“We feel like family at Rosewood, and the personal attention given to our child is superior. I would recommend Rosewood Academy to anyone looking for childcare with a family setting. The activities at Rosewood are phenomenal. From Happy Feet to the Story Teller the children are always busy and having fun.”

Ben and Misty R.

“My emotional attachment reaches beyond the classroom and into the kitchen, as I am a parent of a child with a severe peanut and egg allergy. Ms. Susana plays a very important role in ensuring quality care by the food they eat. Not only are the meals nutritious, but are also monitored for children with special dietary needs.”

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