A Nanny for Childcare Needs Instead of Rosewood Academy

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It may look enticing to sweep an employee away from your childcare center provided you’ve weighed the pros and cons.


“This teacher my child has would be so awesome to have all to ourselves, come to our house instead of us lugging our children and their supplies out to school each day. She is always so loving and so friendly the children are learning so much from her. “


Things to consider before you make this move:

  1. Consistency: At Rosewood Academy, it is the standards we teach and our curriculum the staff incorporates, that makes the days consistent each day.


  1. Quality: The quality of care for your child that each employee possesses was taught to her by Rosewood Academy.


  1. Curriculum: Does your nanny come with a curriculum for your children they would otherwise have at Rosewood? Our well-rounded curriculum sends children off to grade school secure within, ready to take on the next step of their education to many different school districts, city-wide.


  1. Sick Days: Who’s going to come to your house on the day the nanny calls in sick or is a no-call/no-show? How many days do you intent on missing from work? Do you have personal days built in at work?   As a parent, you will get sick, your child will get sick. You will want vacation days and so will your nanny and they may be days that don’t align at the same time.   Rosewood Academy is open from 6:00a.m.-6:00p.m. rain or shine, and only closes for major holidays and if weather makes it impossible to get to our centers.


  1. Hours: Do you have a demanding schedule at work and need to keep different hours? Will your nanny be on time or will she be able to stay late on days you need to stay late? Rosewood Academy can always accommodate your work schedule whether it’s 8 hours today and 10 hours tomorrow, and with short notice!


  1. In-service/Training: Our staff is required to have at least 12 hours of in-service each year. Our staff’s in-service must be in Early Learning Guidelines that educates the teacher of real life experiences and ways to address issues with children that are age-appropriate.


  1. Socially, how will your children fare? At Rosewood Academy your child will learn immeasurable social skills, some of which are playing with a friend, taking turns, learning in many different ways, etc.


  1. Illnesses: Yes, your children will not be exposed to many germs staying at home with a nanny but don’t think they wont be exposed to the same germs and many more, once they enter Kindergarten. Then, they will be missing school and school districts only allow so many sick days for a child per year before you will get into trouble with the child’s absences.


As your child is exposed to illnesses, their body builds their library of defenses, which makes for a great foundation to start Kindergarten when many more viruses linger. Of our five children, I will say I thought they were sick a lot when they were little but missed very few days in school because they built immunities to many things they were exposed to, early in life.


  1. Who watches the nanny who watches your precious children?: At Rosewood Academy, not only does the teacher who watches your children have other co-workers to watch her, the employee has a management team to overlook her performance on a regular basis. You will have to go off probability with the nanny staying home all day with your children, by herself.


  1. Strangers in your house? Your nanny may tell you one thing, but while you are out will do another.


  1. Boredom: How soon will it be the nanny gets bored of coming to your house then you will be back at interviewing people to replace him/her? How long will this take, who will fit the bill? How much time will you miss from work, looking for a new nanny? Quality childcare centers have waitlists and the hopes of getting


  1. Meal Planning: Rosewood Academy takes meal planning off your plate with home-cooked and very little processed food. What a great way to expose your children to healthy foods and no work on your part for 2 meals a day and one snack. With a nanny YOU are the meal planner, the shopper and sometimes the one who cleans up the mess too.


It’s ONLY at Rosewood Academy you witness the well rounded, loving and family-owned childcare center, where your children are our first priority.  Our employees shine through us because of the morals and values Rosewood Academy teaches them.