Childcare Center vs In-home Providers

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Choosing the perfect childcare setting for your baby can prove taxing in many ways.

Which is better, a provider who is licensed in the state of Nebraska for a Child Care Home 1: 2 infants (6 wks. -18 mo.) and 6 children (2 yrs. – 12 yrs.) or a child care center, licensed for 160 children, with classrooms that center around your child’s specific age?

An in-home provider is providing the care soley by herself. There is no one to relieve her should she have a doctor’s appointment, a vacation or to take a break from a stressful moment, etc? What if her child is sick and you have to work? Who is watching this provider while he/she is watching your child? Nobody! How are you certain your children are not stuck in front of a television all day or sent outside to play without adult supervision? If your child is not of age to talk, this could prove very scary. How do you know the in-home provider doesn’t have strangers in their home and around your children without you knowing?

At a childcare center, we are always open for the hours we promise you. We close for major holidays ONLY. We aim to make your time away from work minimal or for your family’s needs alone. You will need time off for your own vacation, your child’s or your own doctor appointment, and even a day for yourself. Our staff watches each other. At Rosewood Academy, we do not utilize a television unless it’s for educational purposes and/or it’s preapproved by parents to use. All of our staff has background checks completed on them before they begin their employment with us. Guests are not allowed at Rosewood Academy unless preapproved through management.

An in-home provider may promise you they will work on preschool acitivites while your child/ren are in her care but think about the ages she cares for and the needs of each individual baby or child in her care. Are they really going to get the attention they deserve. A reputable child care center has classrooms designed for your child’s age-group and a teacher: student ratio they should follow as guided by the State Licensing Agency. This makes for a well-rounded learning environment with phenomenal care.

Remember to ask what ratios are in the child care home and in a center-setting. In the State of Nebraska, homes licensed for child care may only have 2 infants under 18 months and 6 children 18 months – 12 years in their care at any one given time. This provider may also have their own children in the home but must count in the ratio or his/her children are school-age. For more information on licensing please contact the State of Nebraska Licensing Department.

If your choice of childcare “feels” right to you the minute you step inside, it’s more than likely thee best choice for your family. Our family is your family at Rosewood Academy.