Curriculum & Facilities


Each Child Is Different

The staff at Rosewood Academy Childcare & Preschools have only your children´s best interests at heart. Each classroom has appropriate teacher-child ratios as outlined by the state of Nebraska, so that our teachers continually interact with their students throughout the day. Each staff member has met education qualifications, and has undergone a thorough criminal background check.

Circle Time

Each child from Infant B (6+mo. – Pre-K C) has Circle Time in the a.m. and p.m.  Circle Time is age-appropriate curriculum that challenges as it educates each friend as well as being taught in a fun and loving manner.  The length of Circle Time grows with each age-group, similar to what is done in Kindergarten at the local school districts.


On-Site, Healthy Cooking

We take pride in providing nutritional meals to the children. From past experience, the owners realize the importance of an on-site cook on the children’s diet. Our cook takes great pride in each meal she prepares. Our meals/snacks are served to each classroom at the proper temperature each day. The goal is to offer a variety of nutritional foods, staying away from processed foods.

Play Inside or Out

Our stand-alone buildings have 11 childcare classrooms, complete with physical and educational activities appropriate for each age group for which we care. Our day care center boasts both indoor and outdoor playgrounds designed to enhance the children’s physical development.

Safe Environment

We take extra precautions to keep safety a top priority. Our center is secured at all times and requires a key card to gain access of which you purchase at your time of enrollment.