Did You Say, “Glorified Babysitter”?

 In Child Care

What do you expect of the person/people you have entrusted to care for your child while you work? You are entrusting your most prized possession in the world to this provider. What should this person/business look like?

Let me ask you this. What are some key things we look for in professionals in society? How the people present themselves to us makes a big difference in how we perceive them or allow them into our comfort zone. Does the person have torn or tight-fitting clothing? Is the person trying to make a statement with themselves with body art or piercings? How is the person’s hygiene and makeup? Does the person have a calming demeanor or aggressive approach?

Keep in mind I am not against body art or piercings, tight clothing or dreadlocks, etc. I do believe there is a profession or place in society for these choices, but not in the child care industry.

At Rosewood Academy, our goal in our staff is to provide you with people who truly possess a true passion to make a difference in the eyes of the children. This begins at your first meeting. When you tour our center, you visualize and feel each teacher’s innate desire to be here. They are dressed in Rosewood Academy’s attire with modest khaki’s, jeans and/or dress pants. We want the staff to dress in clothing that allows them to interact with the children on the child’s level. We also believe in the childcare industry, the staff will get dirty from crafts and or messes because they are fully engaged with your child. Our staff believes they are here to make a positive example for the children of our future.

Are the children engaged with their friends and teachers? Inside each classroom, we have organization with circle time and centers, based on the knowledge the children learn during circle time. We allow the children to play and learn within the organized play and this prevents frustration amongst little people. Children want boundaries and rules. They were born with a clean slate and desire direction. To witness total chaos in a classroom is to forecast a breeding ground for low self-esteem, tension and a negative learning environment. This allows for violence and aggressive dispositions as well.

You will witness the teachers interacting with the children within the classroom and on our inside or outside playground. The staff organizes games within the classroom and outside as well.

Is your childcare provider no more than a “glorified babysitter” who promises the world but lacks the substance of a positive and nurturing learning environment? Should this person not possess the same professional qualities you are looking for in a traditional childcare environment? It’s all within your decision to secure a positive and professional learning environment for your sweet little angel.

This blog will be one of a series. Stay tuned for future blogs.

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