Frequently Asked Questions

My child has been at a center where the staff turnover rate seems to happen about once every 8 months? What is your staff turnover rate?

The owners and management of Rosewood take great pride in the staff they hire, as consistency is a key element for quality child care. In the local area and in the child care industry as a whole, turn over is a problem. However, Rosewood’s turnover is well below the average for a childcare center. Fifty percent of our staff has been with us for over a year, and we have several members of our staff that has been with Rosewood for over two years. Both members of Management (Director and Assistant Director) have been with the company for 2 1/2 year’s of the three years Rosewood has been open.

We have two children in an in-home child care where it seems like the provider takes too many days off during the year. What holidays are you open?

Many parents tell us this is a problem with in-home care. Unfortunately when only one person is in charge of many children, issues such as time off become an issue quickly. These in-home child providers still require sick days, vacation and sometimes personal days which may or may not coincide with the parents.

Rosewood Academy is very aware that families need to save their vacation time for their family’s vacation, the children when they are sick, personal days, etc. so we aim to only be closed for the major holidays listed below. We have never closed due to weather-related issues. We aim to be there in all areas for ease in your busy life.

· New Year’s Day
· Memorial Day
· Fourth of July
· Labor Day
· Thanksgiving
· Friday after Thanksgiving
· Christmas Eve
· Christmas Day
· New Year’s Eve

My husband and I are expecting our first baby. How is parent involvement received at Rosewood? Do you mind if we just drop by to visit?

As our Parent Handbook states, our center is your family’s home. We offer several opportunities throughout the year to have parent involvement as well as an open-door policy.
We encourage parents to stop in whenever possible. We have several programs throughout the year that enable parents to participate in your child’s education. Apple Extravaganza, Fall Festival, Pie Day are just a few of our parent-friendly activities.

These activities are designed for parents not only to be able to participate with their child, but also give parents an opportunity to interact with other parents. These numerous activities help to build our Rosewood family and our tremendous bond. The children from Preschool on up participate in field trips throughout the year that parents are welcome to partake in as well.

I stopped by to visit my child at the childcare center she is at. I was mortified to see diapers overflowing out of the diaper trash and dirty toys. How important is cleanliness to you?

Rosewood Academy takes cleanliness of the center very seriously. We believe a clean environment makes for healthy children and keeps germs and viruses to a minimum. Our center is set-up to offer 30% fresh air on a constant basis to allow little room for invasive illnesses. We sanitize throughout the day and deep-clean each evening.

Our toys are cleaned throughout the day. In younger classrooms we constantly rotate toys into the classroom so toys that have gone into a child’s mouth can be sanitized. Children, staff and parents are encouraged to wash hands when they enter the building as well as throughout the day. Our building is setup in a manner that 30% of our air is continuous fresh air…which enables us to flush more of the germs out of the building.

Our current childcare center has meals delivered to their center for the children. The meals seem pre-made and high in fat, salt and calories. What does you’re center do differently?

Rosewood has an on-site cook who takes the children’s balanced nutrition extremely seriously. Rosewood’s management and our on-site cook constantly communicate to stay abreast of any issues such as nutrition and allergies for example. The children eat a well-balanced breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack.


Each month, you will be provided with a menu of the meals that will be served. Our menu follows the USDA food program to provide the children with choices from all of the food groups. As parents, we realize that you don’t want to pick-up a hungry child, our snack is not just a carbohydrate but also is a protein or a fruit to help keep your little one feel satisfied until you can get them home and provide dinner.

Our son goes to a child care where it seems he is just a number?

Rosewood Academy was created by a mother of 5 with over 20 years of child care experience. It was Kelli Hansen’s vision to create a center that had the feeling of home but also offered social skills and academic excellence. We realize the children develop on different levels and cater to the needs as they arise.

We have developed our curriculum to look at each child’s developmental needs. Our teachers are able to adjust the daily activities to challenge a child who may be slightly ahead of the pack. Our teachers are also able to identify and work with you and your child if they need a little extra encouragement. Teachers are interactive with the children, not just holding up a wall.

I see you have an indoor gym. What are the benefits of having the indoor gym?

Our indoor gym allows the children to engage in large-motor skill activities through all kinds of Nebraska weather. Teachers are encouraged to use the gym for free play, as well as structured games and activities.

Each of our classes has scheduled indoor gym time to utilize the gym in the morning and the afternoon. (Children are only allowed in the gym with children of similar age). The gym allows classes to incorporate physical activity into their day, even when Nebraska weather does not allow them to play outside. Teachers are encouraged to use the gym for free play, as well as structured games and activities. Physical activity is a good way to promote a healthy lifestyle at a young age; children can learn to follow directions and are able to learn to socialize with other children in a fun and active environment.