Oh, to be a fly on the wall on the bus run!

 In Child Care

So, as you all know, the school year has begun for 2011-12. We have our kinks ironed out and the routine is down for all of our school-aged children. and the bus runs to school.
During these first few weeks, to be a fly on the wall would be quite interesting to say the least. We have some new children of which we are transporting to school and that joined us at Rosewood Academy for just this purpose as well as our “seasoned” children (who have been with Rosewood for their Pre-K education). Each child is precious in their own way.
The children were asking for math problems so they could add double-digits, wanting us to challenge them to spell words, gloated about their manners when one sneezed, etc. The sneezing conversation was more entertaining than not. Supposedly, girls sneeze by sneezing inside their shirts/tops and boys sneeze into the crease of their elbows. Mr. Carl is always quite entertained at the conversations these little people can have.
The investment you have made to your child’s early education is priceless when you can witness their solid self-esteem, broad shoulders, and smiles on their face as they conquer challenges in our awesome world, to be all they can be. As each of these children digest and devour each year in school, it will become obvious the sound foundation you made possible with the love you have for your precious blessings.
All I will end with is WOW! How blessed are we!!