Our Philosophy

Qualified, Caring Teaching Staff

The staff at Rosewood Academy Childcare & Preschool has only your children´s best interests at heart. Each classroom has appropriate teacher-child ratios as outlined by the state of Nebraska, so that our teachers continually interact with their students throughout the day. Each staff member has met education qualifications, and has undergone a thorough criminal background check.

A Loving, Nurturing Environment

Rosewood Academy Childcare & Preschool strives to be a nurturing community that surrounds your child with love. We are dedicated to treating each child as an individual, with their own needs, so that they mature into an independent and secure adolescent and adult. The children are not confined to a classroom all day, but are encouraged with interactive, hands-on activities to develop not only their minds but their bodies, too.

Open, Two-Way Communication

We build Rosewood Academy’s sense of community through open communication between the staff and families. Each family is special and what your family does/knows/feels is important to every staff member. Our teachers strive to develop a partnership with our families through communications appropriate to every age level. We want and appreciate feedback from our parents on their child´s life outside of school, knowing that it can impact their school interactions.

Age-appropriate Activities

Our active childcare and preschool curriculum promotes family involvement to develop healthy, happy kids at home and in the classroom. Each classroom teacher presents the curriculum with age-appropriate activities that encourages mental and physical development. Self-help skills are encouraged as the children participate in their age-appropriate environment. We encourage physical activity whenever possible.