The Joy of a Handmade Gift

 In Parenting

Being the mom of five children, the anticipation of handmade/homemade gifts on any occasion is always priceless. Knowing your child thought of you away from home, was tuned in to the directions from his/her teacher and made this creation with the hands he was blessed with is…..priceless! Your child is looking for the expression on your face and in the warm fuzzies a handmade gift may create. Imagine the positive impact you offer your child in the excitement you share when opening the gift. The anticipation of all of this is immeasurable. This IS what parenting is all about.

As a parent, you witness firsthand this little person who has developed from infancy to the age of which he is now, from dependent to independent. And as his parent, you realize your child’s capabilities therefore it makes it more concrete when you can hold in your hand or witness with your eyes, something as thoughtful as a handmade/homemade gift. Every time you glance at the gift your heart goes pitter patter with excitement knowing the gift was made from little hands and with a heart, overflowing with love. Priceless!

Enjoy your holidays and the family time you are blessed with.