What Are Your Children Eating?

 In Kids Health

As any mother can tell you, the question above is very important. However, in our very rushed and hurried lives this is one area which gets overlooked the most. We know because Rosewood Academy was as guilty as anyone in the past? While we tried our best to provide the best meals we could, we realized in our hearts, we could do so much better.RosewoodAcademy’s owners spend a lot of time and energy shopping and handpicking the best fruits and organic vegetables in order for the children to eat healthy. In an article to come later we will address why shopping for your child’s food is so much healthier than letting a food distribution company deliver prepared and processed food for a child care center to distribute. Recently, a very positive change was made in the kitchen. I can’t’ tell you how other childcare centers in Omaha feel about this issue but I can tell you Rosewood Academy feels our cooks are an integral part of our operation. With their commitment to healthy eating, our food program is back on track and getting better all the time. The cooks put the time and effort into preparing the children’s meals as if there are the proud mama’s of the precious children we care for each day as they prepare food from our Earth.

There is nothing better than the smell of a fresh, homemade meal. To describe it, imagine coming home to the smell of spaghetti, and the aroma of the tomatoes, garlic, oregano, cheese, and pasta filling your nose and you want nothing more than to devour a plate of it. The sensation you feel when your favorite cookie is baking in the oven and remembering the happy memories you may have had as child that comes to mind each time you smell those sweet morsels in the oven. Even the intense excitement or adrenaline that pumps through your veins when your choice of grade A meat is on the grill, being seared to your liking.

The point is this; whether we come from a home where fresh, non-processed, homemade meals were prepared or a lot of take out and box dinners were the choices, we all want in some way for our kids to eat better than what we do. We want them to learn good food habits, and that exercise is our friend. How can they learn that if we aren’t living that out and teaching them good food habits each day?

AtRosewoodAcademy, we made changes to our menus by taking out the frozen, processed, canned, high in cholesterol, sodium and sugar foods. We want to teach the children the importance of a balanced meal, what moderation means, and how living an active lifestyle is so beneficial for them so they don’t have to pay the price of it later.

Coming from the mindset that our cooks strongly agree on is fresh home cooked, very little processed, and well-balanced meals. We are helping to create the foundation in these little bodies for a healthy and happy future for each little person.

Parents, keep your eye on the Rosewood blog as the cooks will be going into much more detail as to our overall philosophy and as mentioned before, why the food must be handpicked and not delivered from a pre-processed company or off of a delivery truck.